Show Don’t Tell

One of the criticisms of modern screen writing is when a writer TELLS us something rather than SHOWS us something. For example, if the main character is an excellent detective, someone might say they are an excellent detective, they may say it about themselves, but if in the film or TV show we never see them being a detective then we deep down struggle to believe it.

On the other hand, if the character works out something from a small, seemingly insignificant clue, and is SHOWN to be a great detective then not only did we enjoy finding out the person was a great detective we deep down believe it, because we know TELLING is easy, SHOWING means something is real.

Some people sadly do the same in real life. They TELL me that conference, that experience, that this encounter with God, that their time at Bible College, has made them a remarkable disciple of Jesus Christ. Other people may TELL me how wonderful they are as well.

But the truth is for anything to be authentic we need it SHOWN. Turn up an hour early for church and help set up, forgive quickly, do not gossip, honour people, serve, be consistent, be available, be sweet and kind. Then not only will we enjoy finding out that you are a great disciple of Christ, we will know it is real.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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