Principles of Success 03 Never Be Ashamed of the Size of our God!

God is huge. Like really really big. Like bigger than the whole universe. He is huge, and His thoughts are huge. And He loves you, I mean really loves you.

So never be ashamed of how big our God is, how much we win, and how much blessing He wants to pour out on us. Never be ashamed of being alive, of being blessed, of being rich, of winning in life. of living life to the full, of winning every battle, of being absolutely abundantly blessed. The Lord told me once that He wanted the level of favour on my life to be ridiculous, and I believe it, and I enjoy it.

There is a conference I used to go to every year. And the teaching was great, but many of the people there did not like me, they have lied about me, attacked me and my family, spoken about me behind my back and made it their job to really humiliate me and put me down. A few weeks ago I was praying about this conference, and the Lord said to me “Do you know why you go there?” I said “To hear the good teaching”, and the Lord said “No, you could do that on your phone!”. So I said “I don’t know”. And the Lord told me that I go in the same way some religious people wear sackcloth and ashes, to deliberately make myself feel uncomfortable because on some subconscious level I am a little embarrassed about utterly blessed I am and how well my life is going! I actually go there to have a bad time because I am ashamed of how blessed I am. That’s crazy, but it resonated with me and brought me great freedom!

I was a little shocked to hear this, but I have run with it, I will not be going again, I will go to places that celebrate me – and there are loads of those places, so many! God said don’t try and mix the oil on your life with the water of people who don’t have any oil and just want to dilute you to make themselves feel better. That is the work of people with tiny dreams and that is not our portion!

We have to grow up and stop being satisfied with small! I heard a pastor recently tell me God had told him to have a small church. I don’t believe that man heard God, I believe he heard his own peanut brain! That’s not the God I know – God wants us to disciple nations! I am not ashamed nor do I despise small beginnings but everything that has God’s fingerprint on it grows. Because God is huge and He loves us!

I got an email last week from a man who left our church running us down and being rude to us, he went to another ministry and was trying to start his own ministry, but this email was asking for money. Like he was a little bird looking for seed in a bird feeder, or a beggar sitting on the floor.

The money was supposed to be for his ministry, but we are not fed by his ministry so why is he asking us for money – I know why because his ministry isn’t feeding people! Now give where you are told, but the normal way for a ministry to be funded is by the people we feed.

All our biggest givers at Tree of Life are people who are there in the services, that I am feeding and challenging and inspiring, I don’t call other churches and Bible Colleges and ask them to give me money for my ministry. Come on now! Aren’t we supposed to be clothed more than bird? Aren’t we supposed to live in abundance? If he needs money, he should get a job, earn, sow, give, and expect increase. That’s what we all need to do. We are designed by God to live a life of dignity and be the head not the tail, be the giver not the beggar. We have the glory and power of God inside us so let’s dream bigger than beggars! If your ministry is not big enough that the people you feed with it are not paying your way then stop begging other ministers and go get a day job until your ministry grows.

We have the life of God inside us, and we should expect it to manifest. We have the divine right that it will manifest! Stop being satisfied with low levels when we are supposed to be changing the world. You might have enough to buy yourself a car, but what about buying everyone in the church a car? That is abundance, that is life, that is the heart of God! We need to listen to His heart and dream as big as Him. We need to not be ashamed of how blessed we are.

The purpose of life is to advance and multiply, to grow. God’s work is always about greater than before. He never retreats. He doesn’t believe in retreat or stagnation, He believes in taking ground! I do too, because I am in Him and think like Him!

Now let’s talk about money. We cannot be ashamed to talk about money! You cannot change the world without money. Money alone won’t do it, but your dream and destiny requires money. If your heart was good, and you suddenly got more money, you would do more good tomorrow than you did today! So, earn more. Everyone can earn more. No one is at their limit of earning. All the money in the world is ours as children of God, the wealth of the wicked is ours, the gold and silver is ours, the cattle on a thousand hills is ours (that’s why I had a steak for breakfast today and another one for lunch!). It’s all ours. All you have to do is go and get it in some way that is legal and honest and godly. Earn it! Every single person should earn more and use that more to make more disciples across the world. You should be expecting increase. You should expect to own everything you need and have so much more for investing into the lives of others. That is God’s will and purpose for you.

You cannot change the world without lots of money. Life is not simple in our generation, it is complicated and to change things we need wealth. You dream of being rich, then feel guilty because religion told you poverty is tied to godliness. It’s not. If I can buy my son dinner for £5, I can buy 100 children dinner for £500, I can buy a million children dinner for £5 million! The more I have the more I can live for God and change the world. I am not talking about living for me, I am talking about living for God.

You have a talent no one else has. You have a destiny, and with that destiny, God gave you a super-power. He designed you in your mother’s womb to do something so well that other people would think you must be an alien! You have to find it (listen to what I am teaching on Love and Destiny on Sunday mornings at for more on this) and you have to start using it. You will enjoy life and earn more! What a deal!

Do not be ashamed of the size of your God. Everything you have done up until now is merely the small beginnings of another chapter that is going to open up a life beyond anything you can ask or imagine! God loves you, God’s will and passion for you is increase, God is on your side.

It’s time to stop being ashamed of how big God is and how big His blessings on your life are. Start expecting more blessings, start expecting ridiculous favour! It’s yours! You are designed for success, not failure. Success will not make you proud, failure will not make you godly. Stop being embarrassed at how good God has been to you, and start expecting more goodness than you have ever seen!

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