Principles of Success 04 Submit to the Flow

God has designed the universe to work, and gave us a Bible to find out how it works. There are principles to success and those principles are very exact. Far too many Christians are just doing their own thing and hoping God will bless it rather than find out what they should be doing.

Being a success in life is like mathematics, there is a way of doing it that leads to the correct answer and ways that lead to the wrong answer. When we study the Word, find out the principles of success and do them, we will be a success – we will be rich, healthy, happy, in the right place, with strong, healthy friendships and doing what we are designed to do.

You cannot make God, He has always been God, and you cannot destroy Him or diminish Him in anyway whatsoever. It’s that simple. God is, and you cannot change Him. You are the one who has to change. The will and purpose and passion of God is that you are a success, so if you are not, it is you who needs to change not God. If what you are doing is not making you an unbeatable winner, not bringing increase and prosperity and peace, you need to do something else because God is not about to suddenly change and start releasing glory into your disobedience of His principles!

Now one of things that you need to understand if you are to win in life is this – God is not just enough, He is more than enough. One of the names of God is El-Shaddai which means more than enough. There is more than enough energy, life, resources, money, peace and friendships in the world. There is absolutely no scarcity in the kingdom. If you are making decisions from a position of scarcity, your mind is not thinking in a godly way, your mind is thinking in a satanic way. Every pastor upset that another church has started in their town is thinking like satan not God. Every person who does not tithe because they think giving 10% to God will make them poor is thinking like satan not God. Everyone who thinks if they turn the other cheek they will become a doormat is thinking like satan not God.

There is more than enough energy in your body to do everything you are called to do. So many people complain about a lack of energy. Listen – even after you die you are still moving. Every molecule in your body is moving around – that’s how it turns into dust. There is more than enough energy. The walls in the room you are sitting in are moving at the speed of light right now. They look still but electrons are zooming around protons and neutrons faster than you can dream or imagine.

When we put our minds to anything, start to believe we can, we can do anything – the energy is there, the power is there, all we need to believe what God says, believe who we are, believe that we can do what He said we can do, and we can do. There is more than an abundance of life from Jesus!

President John F Kennedy asked Werner von Braun what it might take to build a rocket to take people to the moon safely, and his reply was all it takes is will. That is the truth.

We just need to believe we can have success, and successfully do everything God has called us to do. Most people do not have the ability to believe this, their faith is too weak because they never exercise their faith. They can barely hold an image of success in their mind for more than a few seconds, but you can develop the muscle of your imagination!

I challenge all of you to develop your imagination. Pick a book of the Bible, one of the gospels or Paul’s epistles and just read it, do not stop reading it until you read something that is outlandish to your imagination.

For example, you might read what Jesus said in John 14.12, “Anyone who believes in me will do the works I do”. Most Christians nod their head to that but very few carry that in their imagination or heart. That’s just a fact. But it is God’s Word, so you need to give yourself just a few minutes. Just let’s say 5 minutes. And you sit in a comfortable chair, play some soft music (instrumental only), and you imagine yourself doing that Scripture, or whatever one jumps out at you. YOU THINK ABOUT NOTHING ELSE AND JUST DOING THAT SCRIPTURE, and any other thought comes, kick it out and concentrate on the Word of God itself. By doing that you are doing a gym workout for your imagination and making it stronger. This is such an important skill, and sadly it is being lost today, people have neither the creativity or fortitude to dream the Word, and that is going to be one of the biggest bottleneck to revival. LEARN THIS SKILL. DEVELOP YOUR IMAGINATION, MAKE IT STRONG.

You have the ability to do anything in God’s Word, you are not lacking strength, energy, love or power. So think that way, over and over, until it becomes how you think. Then what you dream, as you think it is, it will manifest in your life. It will be created if necessary!

Do not nod your head at this and not do it. This is more important than working out your biceps, quads or even your heart. This is the most important thing that will bring you into success. Do not try and achieve success your way, do it His way.


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