Principles of Success 05: Make Good Choices

The most powerful thing that God gave you is your ability to choose. You can choose what you think, you can choose what you feel, you can choose what to do with your life. You can choose to be a success or fail. You can choose to learn how to live your life as the head and not the tail, or you can choose not to.

Here is one of the most important truths that everyone who wants to be a success in life needs to know: you can choose what you want, but you then have to live with your choice. You have the freedom to choose whatever you want, but you do not have the freedom to choose not to have the consequences of your choice.

God told the Israelites they could choose life or choose death. Those words are in the Scripture and still reverberate to every man and woman today. We can choose life or we can choose death. We can choose to think big or think little. We can choose to sulk or rejoice. We can choose to lie down or stand up and fight. We can choose to worry or dream. We have the power to choose.

But what none of us have the power to do is this – to choose life and get death, or to choose death and get life. What you choose is what you get.

If you fail to make godly, good choices, you will not live a life of abundance. You might say “Hey I didn’t know” but if you don’t know about gravity, that does not stop you falling! That’s the principles that the universe runs on – and you have a Bible and can find them out and work them.

If you do something selfish, it will come back to you – the principles of the Word are always working and they will work. If you do not understand how God has designed the universe, you will mess up. But if you do, you will win. Do not look at God’s Word as something restrictive, realize it is a necessary gift that if we study it and focus on it and imagine it – it will take us to an open place, a wide place, a great place.

You have to make a choice – life or death, and that is the only way to get to life is to choose it. You cannot get there without choosing it, you cannot stumble on life and success; you cannot change God or His Word or the way He runs life. You cannot have enough power to change the Word, you cannot have enough money to buy life without choosing it. You have to live in harmony with God’s Word – that is choosing life. That is the only path to success. True success.

God’s Word is an unchanging thing, and it holds you to it. You cannot excuse yourself for not knowing it. When you walk according to God’s Word, and dream big and count the stars and live in faith and hope and love and expect great results then you will get them. When you don’t, you won’t. That’s the truth.

And the principle we looked at in the last post is still the grandfather of them all – what you imagine is what you become. We have to see ourselves moving mountains, living like Jesus, forgiving the hard to forgive, loving our wives, opening blind eyes. All of it. Start reading the Bible, and start using your imagination over and over. This is choosing life, and failing to do that, is choosing death. No one can control your thoughts and no one can force you to choose life. God Himself will not force you, all He has done is set before you life and death and told you choose life.

I tell you the same: Choose life!

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