Principles of Success 10 You Are Who God Says You Are, But You Manifest Who You Think You Are

Nothing matters to your future success as much as your imagination.

We all have the same grace. The grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. If we are born again, we all have identical spirits, that are the same nature and identity as Jesus.

But that will only manifest as we imagine we are like Jesus. The Word of God is so clear. As a man thinks (imagines) in his heart, so is he. You manifest who you think and imagine and dream you are.

Two men both get saved on the same day, they are both the same age. The one who wins in life is the one who disciplines himself to think success, to dream big, to imagine himself a success, perceives himself as happy and loving and full of faith. The one who never restrains their imagination, never chooses what to think, never renews their mind never experiences life transformation is not succeeding in life.

They both have the same salvation, the same measure of faith, the same grace, but one thought differently and that made all the difference.

The idea, the concept, that nothing matters to your future success as much as your imagination has been mocked by the church for hundreds of years. Most Christians take a que sera sera approach to life and asse anything happening is the will of God! Nothing could be more unscriptural or foolish. The truth is we must change what we dream to be a success in life.

You must take the time to find out what your God given dream and destiny is and dream it with Him! It is essential. Otherwise everything in your life will be trivial and eventually nonsensical to you, and you will become a slave to a useless monotony and eventually your mind will regress to bitterness at the success of others walking in their dreams.

Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks, and I hear so many talking about things that make no difference to them or the kingdom of God. So therefore their heart is full of these things. So therefore their life will not manifest abundance and success. They will never make a difference in the world, they will never go in the direction they want.

We must get a handle on our thoughts and imaginations, fill our hearts with God’s Word, practice being grateful, pray in tongues, listen to inspiring messages and pull down small and negative thoughts. Everything, and I mean everything, depends on this.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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