Principles of Success 12 Be Prepared to Be Misunderstood

I reckon roughly 95% of people have no idea about the kingdom of God. I reckon 95% of Christians have no idea that God even wants them successful let alone that the Bible teaches us principles of Success. I reckon 95% of pastors are not living their best life in the slightest and therefore cannot communicate that life or wisdom to their people, or impart to them what confuses them!

Therefore when you start speaking and dreaming big, you will be misunderstood. I have been assaulted, lied about, spat at, ignored, dismissed, spoke about, cursed, blogged about… You name it. And that sometimes surprises people, but if you want to win you stand out. If you stand out you don’t fit in. Even small steps towards a big dream mark you out in a crowd of mediocre, despairing, conference hopping, dreamless people.

You will lose friends. You won’t stop being friendly to them, but they will turn on you. People will lie about you. They cannot imagine you successful AND honest, so they see your success and assume you are doing something wrong. Your success will expose their small dreams and negate their excuses.

I know more than a few English pastors who love successful American ministers, but when a successful English pastor turns up that rips out their excuse that it just doesn’t work in the UK. That’s a lie, because the principles of Success didn’t come from America, they came from Heaven, and were penned in the middle East. They will most definitely work here. To say otherwise is an excuse from people who don’t know any better.

Nobody carnal cares how much Tree of Life gives to world mission, they only care what kind of car I drive because that is their level. Their inability to see more causes them to misunderstand me.

When I remove someone from the church and exercise Biblical church discipline, I am misunderstood as unloving. When I take an offering and teach on giving, I am misunderstood as money grabbing. When I preach on healing, I am misunderstood as giving false hope. When I teach on grace, I am misunderstood as not understanding discipleship. When I teach on discipleship, I am told I don’t get grace.

People misunderstand because they are where they are not where you are. You have to accept that and not let it stop you growing, learning, dreaming and advancing. Don’t stop to answer your critics, go and do what the Lord has birthed in your heart.


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