Principles of Success 13 Do Whatever You Can To Provoke Yourself to Dream

I recently heard of a man who as a young man in his twenties cut up pieces of paper the same size as $100 bills. He would get two $100 dollar bills, and put his paper inside. He only had $200 but he looked at his wallet and it looked like he had thousands. You may think that is silly, but when you find out the man is today worth over $100 million, you realize he was working something that works!

If you develop a dream, you will walk in your dream. If you dream of health and wealth, you will walk in health and wealth. Religion hates success, it hates health and it really hates wealth, but how can you do what God tells you to do if you have neither the energy or financial means to do what He says? Jim Baker says more dreams are crippled by sickness and poverty in the church than anything else – that more people fail to walk in their destiny because of those two things.

If you have more money – guess what? You can give away more money. It’s really simple maths. Every time you give, you are feeding the dream that you are prosperous and generous. You cannot outgive God, I have tried, and I have failed. He is bigger, more generous and kinder than any of us have imagined – but the more we give, the more we can imagine it.

But we have to not just dream of giving, but receiving too. Givers gain – that is how God designed the universe. Become aware of sowing and reaping, and start to sow into other’s dreams. People sometimes tell me I should give less to successful ministries and more to the poor (often not realizing I keep my giving to the poor quiet like Jesus told us) but I like to give to big dreamers who dream big dreams because then my giving and receiving inspires me to dream bigger.

Jesus told us birds do not sow or reap – they cannot, they cannot invest in their future. Birds are living as animals – fight or flight, live for today, respond to nothing, react to everything. Sadly, many humans are exacly the same, they have never tithed, given, received, or believed. They are at a low level. They make snap judgments and run away when money is talked about, and they never think about things or consider things. Being able to consider and imagine a better world is part of maturing and being a true human.

A baby thinks like an animal, it has no dreams or plans. Then a child thinks like the crowd. Children are terrible when it comes to peer pressure, they want the same shoes as every other child, the same hair, the same experiences. Sadly, many grow up and that doesn’t change either – they cannot originate ideas. I see churches that are clones of other churches with no originality, no purpose, no life. I see people who are clones of other people. I have been in rooms where an original thought is expressed and everyone looks to everyone to see how to react rather than be genuine. Listen – the crowd always walks the wrong way, it’s that simple. Find your feet, your voice, your lane – find your dream by investing time with the Lord, and dream your dream.

You need to believe there is something greater for you. You need a dream bigger than yourself. Being able to not fly off, or charge at something, but to stop, think, dream and imagine is a superpower every human has but very few use. But you are unique. Your personality is not mine because I could never do what God has called you to do. You have a unique spiritual DNA, find out your dream, dream it and live it. Desire something greater than yourself and without fail, you will find out what it is. Cut up pieces of paper if you have to. I have written cheques that I have had no money to give to someone, but it forces me to dream. I have a board of thing I believe are manifesting in my life above my bedside cabinet. I have a whole host of things in my office that force me to dream.

The Hebrews took 12 stones out of the middle of the Jordan river when God stopped it so they could cross over. Looking at those stones forced them to remember what God did for them, and forced them to confront the truth that God loved them and would keep doing that for them. Find your 12 stones and put them somewhere you see them.

Set up an environment in your house that forces you to dream! That provokes you to dream!


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