Principles of Success 14 Don’t Let the Outside Influence the Inside

Living by faith is tbe process of letting the image inside you transform the outside. You desire something because there is an image inside you, you fill your heart with that image, you believe you receive it, you command mountains to move and you will have what you say.

If you say your dreams and you will have what you say, then you will have what you dream.

The tricky bit in doing that is this: to enable what is inside you to transform what is outside you, you must refuse and deny what is outside you the right to change what is inside you.

In other words, do not let your circumstances intrude inside your dreams. You get your dreams from the Word and the Spirit, and that is all. You do not get your dreams from anything you can sense – anything you can see, hear, taste, smell or touch.

You do not let the amount of money in your pocket affect your dreams. You let your dreams affect the amount of money in your pocket. You do not let what the doctor says to you affect your image of health, you let your image of health affect what the doctor says.

You do not let your life transform your mind. You renew your mind and let your mind transform your life.

You must create the image of what you desire in your mind, and then refuse to let the world tell you to change it. You dream in the darkness and let your dream illuminate and transform the darkness.

Stop looking at your bank account and letting it decide what you do next. Imagine what you want to do then imagine what your bank account needs to be to do that. See what you want on the inside.

God designed you as a dreaming machine, you were not designed to let this world influence your thoughts, you were designed to dominate this world by what you think.

If you renew your dreaming, your life will be transformed. It’s that simple. Everything the Father can do you can do, if you dream and if you refuse to let the world decide what you think.


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