Principles of Success 17 Money is Useful

I don’t want more money to have more things – I want more money to do more things. I don’t want a pile of money to sleep on or cuddle. I want it so I can change the United Kingdom.

In the modern world, money is the single medium of exchange for products or services. Want to hire a hall? Money. Want to heat that hall? Money. Want a projector to put some words up on the wall of that hall? Money. Want a laptop to have some nice words and pictures? Money. Want to play a guitar? Money. Want to put a poster up to let people know you are there? Money.

We no longer live in a barter system – with a few rare exceptions. It’s not like you don’t like hunting and I do your hunting if you make my arrows or whatever, we use money to exchange goods and services.

The more money I have, the more churches I can plant, the more TV I can on, the more people I can reach, the more materials I can produce. Money gives me power to do God’s will. I want more money because I am alive and I want my life to impact the world in the biggest way possible.

Money has no character, it is not good or bad, it is useful. For an evil person, more money could help them be more evil and sin more, they could buy more drugs, they could pay a prostitute, they could buy all sorts of selfish things. But for a good person, money is useful in being good.

Every goal or vision you have, it needs some money. Take time to deal with the poverty mentality and learn how to handle money and how to generate it, save it, spend it, invest it and sow it. You will never regret learning how to master money. Selah.

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