Principles of Success 18 Develop a Sense of Grace-Entitlement

A sense of self-entitlement is ugly. I deserve this because I am more awesome than others is an arrogant and divisive attitude. But we cannot replace a sense of self-entitlement with a sense of self-unworthiness – that is just as ugly. We need to stop thinking about self entirely and think about grace. When you think about grace, you are entitled to things, not because you are good but because God is good. You can have health and wealth, because God is good. You are entitled to wisdom and peace, because God is good.

Whatever your dream is, whatever your goal is – if it is in the realm of holy and good – you can have it, because God is good and God has shown you grace.

“I can do all things” is ugly talk. “I am nothing” is ugly talk. “I can do all things through Christ” and “I am nothing without Christ” is truth talk. Tie everything to Christ, not self, and dream accordingly.

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