Principles of Success 19 Think About It!

I was at a church in America a few years ago with Amanda, and Richard and Jacqui Waller. During the preaching, one man in the back responded regularly by crying out not “amen”, “come on”, “preach it”, or even “yee-haw” but with a loud cry of “Think About it”.

The more I think about “think about it”, the more I realize that thinking about it is the most powerful tool we have for walking in success. Thinking about things is the only way to success. You can develop your mind, your power to think and dream, to change your whole reality, to move mountains, to walk in victory and health and abundance. Every problem can be solved by good thinking.

Yet very few people think. And very very very very very few people think about thinking. When was the last time you thought about how you think. Are you thinking great big thoughts? Are your thoughts pure? Are they even right? Are they true? Are you thinking about what you think and how you think? Are you hitting the same problems every single day because you do not think about it beforehand?

We all sense everyday – we see things, we hear things, we smell things, we taste things and we touch things every day. Our senses are part of our body and part of how we interact with the world. That is right and correct, but we need to then think about what we sense. But most people are far more aware of what they heard than their thoughts about what they heard. They are far more aware about their feelings than how to think about them. If something makes you sad, or glad, or mad, you are supposed to think about why, consider and use your mind to analyse that feeling. If you are going to walk in success, you are going to have to think about it – think about what you desire in life, think about the words you use, think about who you are spending time with, think about your habits, think about your feelings, you are going to have to do a lot of thinking.

Remember your spirit is perfect, it does not need to change or be altered or improved. Your spirit is a mirror of Jesus Christ’s spirit. You are made in the image of God Himself. You have His power and life inside you.

What needs to change is NOT YOUR SPIRIT if you are born again. What needs to change is what you think about when you think about yourself. Do you think of yourself as unlimited spiritual power? Do you think of yourself as holy, kind, true, pure? Or do you see yourself as only human? Are you the victim in life, or the champion of God? Are you the head or the tail? What you think determines where you end up – so open your Bible, learn some things and think about it!

You go to school for years, and you learn things, but you are never really taught to think about things. Yet spritual power flows into your body and your cupboards and your driveway and your life and your friends through your mind – through your thoughts, your dreams, your ideas and imagination! You need to think big thoughts because as you think – that is who you are! You use your mind to create pictures and they start to appear outside our mind in our lives!

Your spirit provides the desire, it wants you to win, to love, to walk in health and wealth, to be a success, to have good friends, to forgive, to submit to your husband, to love your wife – and if you get quiet enough you will feel that desire. Jesus say “what things you desire, when you pray”. Spend time in prayer until godly, spiritual, full of life and energy and power desires rise up inside you and let those desire paint a picture in your mind! Think About it!

By dreaming consistently, speaking your dream, dreaming your dream, sowing finances to people walking in your dream, acting on your dream, believing you have received the dream, living the dream – then the dream manifests from your spirit to your life through the pipe of your thoughts. Think about it!

As you start to think like this, you start to become a genius. Think about it. I think most Christians would rather die than think though, I really do. You need to become a thinker.

I have had many people come to me with a problem, and I always ask “What do you want to happen?” – most people will not tell me, either through shyness or embarassment of sharing a dream, but mostly because they have never prayed or thought about it. I think everyone who comes to me for help is really smart, because coming to me is a smart thing to do. So what you tell you me your dream is is not going to make me thing you are dumb, I already think you are smart because you came to me. I think you are a genius, but I want to help you express that spiritual life on the outside, and to do that I need to provoke you to think. Think about what you want your life to be like, how you want to life, what you want to do, what you want to change, what battles you want to win. THINK ABOUT IT!

Henry Ford once said “Thinking is the hardest thing to do in the universe, which is why so few people do it”. I agree with Henry Ford, I hear people talking about things and I think “Why are you even talking about that? Why are you letting that be in your heart? Why are you becoming that? Why would you let that dominate your heart?” I know why – they are not thinking. They are not realizing what the Bible say about thinking and speaking.

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