Principles of Success 20 Do Not Forget!

Part of your soul is your memory. Your ability to remember things. Your memory is actually a superpower that every human has. You can remember good things, remember the Word, remember the truth. When our emotions overwhelm us, we can remember good times, remember God’s faithfulness, remember the Word.

But like every muscle, you need to use your memory. You need to remember good things to be a success in life. When I see someone who is struggling in their mind, I know they are not using their memory well.

When the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, Moses actually tells them to remember that day (Exodus 13.3). That sounds silly – surely if you walked through the sea split in two you would never ever forget a day like that. But I know people who have forgotten their miracles, their healings, their financial provision. They have forgotten what God has done for them. They have forgotten how good God is. That kind of weakness of memory means you need a memory workout.

You need to start remembering all the good things God has done for you. You need to remember that He brought you into the kingdom, that He turned your dead spirit into a living spirit. You need to remember that you were a slave to sin and now you are free. You need to remember that the Lord is your healer and provider and helper. If you have forgotten those things – and you can tell if you are not happy today – if you are overwhelmed by depression – you have forgotten God is your joy! If you are overwhelmed with sickness, you have forgotten by His stripes you are healed. If you are overwhelmed with grief, you have forgotten that He bore your griefs! You need to remember!

One of the reasons the disciples were told they had a hard heart and struggled to belief in miracles is that they did not remember the miracles they had seen (Matthew 16.9). I believe one of the reasons I see so many miracles is that I remind myself of all the miracles I have seen. I work my memory out – not to remember the tough times and bad times, but to remember the good times. Sometimes someone will tell me about a tough situation they have been through, and I say “I have been through the same thing”, and it astounds them, they cannot believe it! Because I don’t use my memory for that, my memories do not dominate me – I dominate them, I use my memory as a tool to remember the Word and the miracles I have seen to keep my heart soft.

It is a key to success – learn to harness your memory.

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