Principles of Success 21 Focus!

Last time, I spoke on the power of memory and using your memory to remember the good things and not meditate on the bad. It’s so important you learn how to work your memory. Now, when I go to the gym, I don’t just work out let’s say my biceps, I will also work my triceps. I will work different muscle groups because I want all of my body to be stronger. It’s the same with your mind, do not just work on developing a good, strong, godly memory, but work on the power of focus.

It is hard to focus your mind because your body is basically an information gathering machine. As I am typing this I am in a hotel room in Albania, the chair is slightly shorter than I would like and I can feel that, it’s nearly dinner time and I feel hungry too, in front of me is a giant hotel room TV, my phone is to the right of me flashing notifications, I can see a lot. Outside I can hear people walking about, and the air con is rather noisy too. My body is an information gathering machine! That’s just my senses, that’s not me even using my memory to remember something, my mind to imagine what dinner might taste like, to think about how to solve a problem or how to bless someone or whatever. We need to learn to shut down all the streams of information coming our way and focus on one thing at a time – for me right now it is this blog.

When I started this blog today, when I go to the website to type, it’s just a big empty page and I choose what to write. Life is like that too – it’s just a big empty page, and you choose what to write. But here is the thing, if you try and write everything at once you will write nothing that is meaningful. If you try and do everything at once you will fail, if you try and dream every dream at once, you will fail, you need to develop the mind-muscle of focus. You need to learn how to concentrate. I have seen many young people who would be awesome doing something if they just learned to focus. The main reason your walk with God is not where it should be is that you do not focus. The reason your dreams do not come true is you do not focus. Focus increases power, it’s that simple.

What is the number one way to achieve a goal quicker? Focus. What is the number one way to gain energy? Focus. What is the number one way to achieve anything? Focus. When Kennedy asked von Braun “can we reach the moon”, Braun said “All it will take is the will to do it”. In other words, if we focus on getting to the moon we will get there. What you can focus on you will get to.

Learn how to focus. Learn how to spend time doing one thing and doing it well. Learn how to dismiss other things vying for your attention and do the one thing that is needful, whatever that is for the moment, be consistent in your prayer and Bible times and learn to focus.

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