Principles of Success 22 You Need More Money. You Need LOTS more money. No, you need more money than that!

It must touch your imagination that you need a lot more money. Big money. Lots of money. Loadsamoney. That idea must not seem crass to you because it is a kingdom idea. God made a whole planet for Adam and Eve – He is extravagant, generous, kind, and big when it comes to finances and natural resources. I dare to say that there is not a single person reading this blog who is believing for, expecting and dreaming of enough money. We need to realize this. To do what God has called us to do is going to need so much more money than we currently have.

You need to be dreaming of saving more, spending more, giving more, investing more and using more money for the kingdom. You need a big dream when it comes to finances. If we do not dream it, it will never manifest.

There is a stream of finances, of supply, that God has prepared for us – big money, lots of money, loadsamoney, extreme wealth, financial freedom, financial increase, wealth that you would be embarassed about, ridiculous prosperity. It is powered to you by your expectations and hope and dreams. If you get your expectations sorted, if you deal with all the negative ideas you have about finances, if you stop thinking “it’s not all about money, why is he talking about money again” – when this is the 22nd post in a series that is not all about money – when you deal with your limited thinking you will start to move that river of unlimited supply towards you.

Sadly, some of us have more faith in poverty than prosperity. Even though prosperity comes from God and poverty comes from satan! If you are expecting poverty more than prosperity, you have more faith in satan and misery and loss than God and peace and abundance and the kingdom!

One of the reasons why so many Christians are poor is that obtaining wealth requires two things: work and a plan. Poverty needs no work and no plan. Napolean Hill says “Poverty needs no plan… for riches to take the place of poverty, the change is brought about through well-conceived and carefully executed plans”. That is an essential truth you need to think about. What are your plans for 2023 to increase in wealth? How much money have you planned to save in 2023? How much money have you planned to invest? How much money have you planned to save? Every wealthy person I have ever met has had thoughts and dreams that have led to plans – plans that have impressed their heart so much it has changed their whole soul – their thinking, their decisions and their emotions.

There is a river of abundance heading to you – powered by your dreams. If it has not reached you yet, dream bigger. Stop listening to the small-minded, stop dreaming tiny dreams, stop speaking out your doubts and poverty mentality. You are praying God to pay your electric, try dreaming for enough to pay for the electricity for the whole street and your whole church. You are believing for this month’s car payment – start stretching yourself so you can believe to pay the whole car off, and an extra 3 cars to give to 3 others. You are dreaming of having enough to pay this month’s mortgage off, why not dream of paying the whole house off, and having ten properties all generating passive income for you? It’s time to change the world – and we need finances to do that.

So you need to dream of big money. Bigger than that. No, bigger than that. Try again. Bigger. Now hold that amount in your mind until you can see the river of prosperity bringing that to you. Let it affect your decisions, your thinking, your plans, your emotions. And get ready – make plans to save, spend, invest, grow, develop, spend – it’s time!

Next week, I am going to share about the principle of free exchange and why it matters so much to the kingdom of God.

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