Principles of Success 27 Never Stop Being Grateful

Grateful people win in life, ungrateful people lose. In 2 Timothy, Paul puts being ungrateful in the same list as being a boastful, proud, scoffing at God and disobeying your parents. It’s seen by the Word of God as a serious and life-damaging sin. We must do everything we can to be grateful. Being ungrateful for your life, your gifts, your ministry, your salvation, your pastor, your boss, your family, everything is very serious. Being grateful is a power that brings you into a new level of life.

Bob Proctor says that the first step to getting rich is to be grateful, and that the only way to be in harmony with God is to be grateful. The truth is that a good attitude is the most important way of doing everything you are designed to do, and the most powerful attitude is an attitude of gratitude.

If you are frustrated, depressed, flaky – then you cannot walk in your dreams, you cannot walk in your destiny, you cannot be a success – so change your attitude to one of gratitude. Start thanking God for every blessing you have! Everything comes back to the images in your mind, and we need the images of gratitude. It is impossible to have satan fill your mind with offenses and negativity if you are continually giving thanks to God. Nothing improves your attitude than gratitude!

What if you are giving thanks for someone then you remember that they have done something you don’t like? Forgive them. Release it, and focus on what you have to be grateful for.

Everything you have comes from God. Think about that until you are grateful. God is about to give you everything you desire. Think about that until you are grateful. Saying thank you to God is one of the most spiritual and loving things you can do.

I believe in my experience that ingratitude is the greatest factor in keeping someone in poverty. You have been given so many great gifts from God, but then you cut the connection to Him by failing to acknowledge the source of everything you have.

The more grateful you are the closer you are to God.

The closer you are to the God who gives you teh power to get wealth, the more wealth you will have.

Gratitude brings you closer to God. The more you consider that, the more you will realize how true that statement is. This is one of the greatest keys to success, learn it, and live it.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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