Principles of Success 28 How to Change Your Attitude

To get out of the flesh and in the Spirit, there are several things you can do. This one works really well:

  1. Write DOWN SEVEN THINGS that you are very thankful for. It is easier to start with things that are already manifest, but you can do it with things that are not yet manifest.
  2. Read the list over and over saying thank you to God until it starts to impact how you feel. I mean really feel thankful to God. Until your spirit (which is always grateful) starts to dominate your flesh (which is always ungrateful).
  3. If during this process, you start thinking of someone who are you ungrateful for or who gets on your nerves, thank God for them, forgive them, love them and add them to the list and fight your imagination to bring yourself to a place where you are grateful for them too. Don’t try and force yourself to think of someone, just if it happens, do this. Sometimes the person who gets on your nerves more than anyone is yourself. If so, thank God for you. Love yourself! Be grateful for you.

That’s it. Now when you shift attitude, don’t waste that you have done what it takes to be in the Spirit. Pray for people, read the Word, listen for guidance for your life, expect miracles.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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