Principles of Success 29 Be the Star

Most people go through life like they are extras in the film of their life. They let the action happen around them, they let life happen around them. You need to make things happen, you need to act with some agency in your life. You need to change roles and get the results you should be getting.

The grace of God is on you for a great and wonderful life, a life of fruitfulness, peace, joy, kindness, abundance, life and goodness. A life where you are the solution to other people’s problems and make the world a better place.

But it really all starts with an attitude. If you are not happy with the results you are getting, you have to change your attitude. You have to decide where God wants you to go, and start walking there. Make some choices – have some agency in your life.

You can hear the extra attitude as it manifests in excuses. “I will start my business when the children have finished school, as soon as I sort this out, as soon as this happens, when I feel better”.

Listen carefully: if you resign as the decision maker of your own life and delegate decision making to circumstances, then all your dreams will die.

You need to be the star of your destiny. God put the power to choose life in your hands, so develop an attitude and start acting like the star of your destiny. It’s up to you to do it, to get it done. If you think you are at the mercy of what is going on around you, you will never have the attitude necessary to trust God, obey God and dominate this planet and do what you are called to do.

You have to be the one calling the shots. You have to be the one saying “I am doing to do this” and then you go and do it. It’s not a weak, wimpy, “I hope so”, it’s a strong action hero “I WILL DO THIS”

When you make that decision, everything changes. When you develop the attitude, I am going to walk in my destiny, and if Goliath gets in my way he will get a stone in my head, and if there is a sea in my way, I will split it, and if there is a lack and shortage, I will bless what I have, sow and reap and see miracles, because I am going to win – that attitude produces thoughts, images, words – and brings your destiny into manifestation and brings you into life and abundance and you end up doing what God designed you to do.

You have to make this decision – you have the power to walk in your destiny, no one else can do it for you. But most people never make that decision and live as extras on their own destiny.

Three things I would recommend all of you do.

  1. Write down your goals. Have a written goal. Whatever comes to mind. You know sometimes I get accused of carnal by setting material goals, but there are two truths that people need to realize. Firstly, money helps you get places and do God’s will. Secondly, money helps you learn how to believe and receive. You believing and receiving a new car or a new carpet – that will actually develop your faith to believe for healings, miracles, freedom, salvations, ministry. So just write what comes to mind. If nothing comes to mind, write down “I will have £10000 in savings by the end of 2023”. If you need to change the number, change it. It’s just something to help you learn how to walk in your dreams. Goals create dreams, dreams create reality.
  2. Tell people you trust what your goal is and ask for them to pray for you and believe in you!
  3. Stop blaming others, stop making excuses. I got a phone call today from someone blaming me for where his life is – no, I am only to blame for where my life is. They are to blame for where their life is. I know you had a rough childhood, but you are an adult now, and being an adult means you take responsibility and you be the star now. SELAH!

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