Principles of Success 30 Stretch!

There is a difference between you thinking “oh that would be nice” or “I am going to get that no matter what I have to invest in that”. You do not need to know how to get it done, but if you have a dream, you need some determination.

You do not need to know how to get it done, you do need to know that you are going to get it done.

When God spoke to me on September 26th 2022 to plant 100 churches in the UK, I did not know how to even have more locations. In the just 20 weeks since then, we have gone from 12 to 15 locations, starting two locations with twenty people in each, and seeing salvations every time. Not knowing how to do it is not stopping me do it.

But here is the stretch – no one will ever do anything for the Lord until they grasp that they can do it. Not in their strength, but in His strength. That attitude is faith, and it has substance. It is beyond a wish or daydream, it is solid. I know beyond any doubt that the day will come when I am the planter of one hundred churches in the UK. I don’t know how, but I know I will. That is the stretch, you have to know what God says is what will work. Wishing won’t get you there, but an attitude of determination – God said it, I believe it, I will do everything God has called me to be.

Listen to me though – if every goal you have in your iife, if every image in your mind is something you know how to get done, then you do not have immense images. You have limited images. You need some dreams that you want to see come to pass, but you have no idea how to see them come to pass. That is how you walk in your dreams.

Stop accepting a miserable life, a poor life, a life where you are not influencing people, and start dreaming of a life of influence of success of joy!

Your spirit is righteous and pure and love and power. It has so much life that you could not measure it with any scale. Your spirit is utterly limitless. Either your soul thinks that and you start to live a spiritual life, or your soul looks at circumstances, events and senses and you live tied to this earth – the lowest life of all.

You choose – start to think about who you are in the spirit, then dream dreams that match that. Stop being satisfied with living a natural life when you are not natural. You need to have a passion to go deeper, go higher, go furhter. WHY? BECAUSE THAT IS WHO YOU ARE IN THE SPIRIT! IN CHRIST. To stay at a natural level is to ignore what Christ did for you and in you and is restricting Him from doing anything through you. Do not dishonour Christ – stretch for more!

Let the spirit dominate you and start to expect miracles and all sorts of glorious things.

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