Principles of Success 32 Do Not Let the Dream Lose!

Right now in your mind is a battle between your culture and worldview and your dream. Your culture and worldview confines you to what everyone else has done in your surroundings and what you think you can do – and your dreams are trying to break those strongholds and raise your imagination to the highest level so you can dream big and walk in your dreams.

Now you want to walk in your dreams – your spirit wants your soul to grow and prosper, and your life to grow and prosper. Your spirit has deep, God-given desires and wants them to flow through your soul and your soul is blocked with cultural ideas and family ideas and experiences and circumstances that you have built into strongholds in your mind. Now your spirit and your soul are at war – and you cannot afford for the strongholds in your soul to win. You cannot allow your cultural norms, your experience of the past, your opinion of what you can or cannot do define you. You have to let yourself walk in your heart’s desire.

You want to advance – I want you to advance – so start believing you can advance and walk in that right now. When you get that inspiring you and filling your soul – then you will always walk in your dreams. A prosperous soul is true freedom.

You need your dreams to fill your soul. This battle is essential. You have to fight the energy holding you back and get more energy on the spiritual side. Pray in tongues, listen to great preaching, be in church, be in small groups until your mindset changes. Until you see yourself the way God sees you.

And what if you get there and increase your vision to an immense image. Use that as the new normal, and get some more immense images.

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