Principles of Success 33 You Are Designed to Increase

God made you to be fruitful and multiply and to increase. Pastors should be pastors of growing churches. Businessmen should be increasing the size of their business. Salesmen should be selling more. Apostles should be planting more churches. Our nature should be growth. You should be getting smarter, wiser, more fruitful as life goes on. The entire planet was designed for increase.

You should be driving a better car than you used to, wearing better clothes, having a better house, having more luxury, more knowledge, more enjoyment out of life. You are designed to advance not retreat.

You know this at a spiritual level but so often our soul gets accustomed to retreat and stagnation, and we need to refocus and remind ourselves violently that we are designed to increase.

OUR CULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT can go back generations, telling us to settle where we are, telling us that our nation, our city, our community cannot have a growing church. We need to refocus and remidn ourselves – we are designed for increase!

Your spirit is craving increase, and your soul is saying “well, you don’t deserve it, that dreams is probably not from God, you should be content with your lot in life” – you need to understand that you are a spirit being and your spiritual nature is designed to be fruitful and increase.

You are the highest level of creation that can be created, and you are in the image of God, so you are actually designed to create too, reflecting your Creator. You need to get this inside your mind and let that form the images of what you are and what you will be. Stop thinking lack, stop thinking limits, stop thinking of getting to the next level. Resist the problems, shift your perception and grow and advance!

You need to think about how essential this is – that you increase. We cannot avoid it. If you do not increase, you cannot help more people, influene more people, lift more people to a higher level, and your attitudes will not help others increase.

Pastors, never be stagnant. A stagnant pastor makes a stagnant church – that is one that no one benefits from. Always be learning and growing!

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One thought on “Principles of Success 33 You Are Designed to Increase”

  1. Thank you for the messages Pastor Ben, they are always practical and encouraging. Blessings to you and your family. We always appreciate you and Amanda.

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