Principles of Success 34 WANT MORE!

British people are conditioned from birth not to want more. You don’t need this and that, be happy, be satisfied with what you have, rich people are all terrible people, the bosses are just corrupt, you have enough, you have God and that is enough.

All of this is ignorance of the highest level of our true spiritual nature. We are designed for increase, we want increase. We want to continually be more fruitful, more successful and influence, lead and help more people.

When we start to realize that this is our spiritual nature, we then learn how to help others increase and walk in their best life and their success. You need to expect increase, believe in increase, hope of being fruitful.

It’s not easy to hold your mind and heart in a continual place of wanting more, of advancing, of increase. It is far easier to just stay at the same level year after year after year, and just start at the same level, the same wisdom, the same power, the same size, the same income, the same everything. That is not God’s will – we need to dream bigger and want to break every limit and every limitation. Doing that will stress you at first, you will encounter brand new problems, and you will have to expend energy like never before. It’s hard work to advance beyond the normal, so the only thing that will keep you going is a WANT. Why do you think when Jesus teaches the most important teachings on faith, on prayer, on the power of Words ever, He starts with the words “what things you desire”. Desire has to be the drive to advancing. Desire change. Desire more. Desire increase. Desire betterment. Desire abundance. Desire. And let that desire change the way you think, you feel and act.

Your top priority every day of your life is to keep growing. Learn a new idea, read a new Scripture, think a bigger thought. Your second priority is to share something new with others and help them on their journey. You are God’s highest creation, created to create. To create means to bring increase. When people are around you, they should be inspired to dream, inspired to desire more.

Let these thoughts grow and expand and stop feeling insecure, angry, frustrated. Resist thoughts of lack or limitation – not just for yourself, but because that kind of negativity is contagious. Love people enough to dream big and become a pioneer and advance.

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6 thoughts on “Principles of Success 34 WANT MORE!”

  1. Thank you pastor Ben for this amazing thoughts!!!
    Together in the same direction we can change all the world for Jesus.
    A huge thank you!!!

  2. Transformational.. Excellent on growth πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ. Learning and sharing too πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜ƒ

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