Principles of Success 35 CATCH FIRE!

John Wesley once said that if you catch fire people will come to watch you burn. The most powerful thing on earth is a burning soul. A human ablaze with dreams, with love, with passion, with purpose.

When you look at fire, it is always moving, growing, feeding, That is what we need to be. We need to be ablaze. You need a fire in your soul that drives you, that causes you to feed on the Word, feed on good teaching, worship, dance, engage with people, love people, serve people. You need a fire in your soul to lift your life above the flesh level, to lift your heart, your dreams and everything you are to a higher level.

A lot of people never catch fire, they never think about how they think, they just take their temperature from their environment. We must not be that, we must warm people who come close to us. We must be the influencers, not the influenced.

If you are offended at someone, it’s because you are not on fire. They offended you because they influence the way you think. You should be loving them and influence the way they think.

When you catch fire, a lot of people will now no longer understand you. A lot of people do not understand me, they do not know how I have done what I have done, or do what I do – so rather than try and understand, they just criticize and accuse. The same will be true of you if you burn. Just keep your eyes off your critics, keep your nose in the Word, and burn ablaze for Jesus. Keep getting better results, keep thinking better thoughts.

When you pray a prayer in faith, the results are not according to the faith you have when you are praying, but the faith that you express afterwards when you act like you believe you receive. Act on fire, burn for Jesus.

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One thought on “Principles of Success 35 CATCH FIRE!”

  1. What a privilege lets burn for Jesus so the Father can be glorified,help us be living sacrifices.
    Nothing better than being in church and helped along the way to shine. We are truly blessed and thank you for the biggest sacrifice

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