The Glorious Power of the Tithe 05 Steal No More!

Jesus was nailed to the cross between two thieves. One missed out on this amazing opportunity at the end of his life, but the other thief repented and turned to Jesus and got a ticket to Heaven.

Sadly, some Christians are thieves and robbers in all sorts of ways. I’ve dealt with Christian business who lie and steal, Christian tradesmen who do shoddy work, Christian ministries that have lied about the honorarium. That’s not good, Christians should not steal!

I was on the pastoral team of a church where one of the Deacons was actually just grabbing envelopes from the bucket and stealing offerings. It only came to light when some people’s record of giving did not match. That man was robbing God in the middle of a church service.

God does not want us to be robbers, but in Malachi 3.8 we are told that we rob God when we don’t tithe! A person who does not tithe is robbing God. That’s what the Bible says.

In Ephesians 4.28, we are told let him that stole steal no more. If you are doing shoddy work and charging for it, stop it. If you are burgling houses in the middle of the night stop it. If you are fudging your time sheet or taxes, stop stealing.

And if you are not tithing, stop robbing God, steal no more and start tithing! You will encounter a new level of freedom and peace and abundance in your life when you decide to stop stealing from God!

Published by Tree of Life Church

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