The Glorious Power of the Tithe 04 Don’t Be an Idolator!

I think we all know from the Bible that idolatry is a sin. Building a statue and worshipping it as your god, praying to it and asking it to bless you or give you luck is foolish, selfish and really is an insult to God. I would imagine most of you would agree, and would never do something like that. I’m sure you have read some of the many times that having idols caused all sorts of problems for the Israelites.

Imagine if I made a statue of a really ugly frog. Cast it out of bronze. Then I put the frog up in the church and put a little label under it with your name on. I told everyone that this frog is actually you. If someone said “what is this ugly frog here?”, I would say it’s you! I don’t think you would be happy with that. It’s an insult because you are not an ugly frog, you are far more handsome and far more smart than a frog.

God is more than a piece of wood or stone or metal! God is more than a frog or elephant or snake or whatever. But people make images and call them God. What an insult to God!

However, idolatry can take other forms. Anyone who does not tithe is in fact equally guilty of worshipping idols. They have made money their god! They are calling money their God. God is far greater than your money!

People get up every morning to make money, work hours every day to have money. Money drives them. God says “take 10% of that, and give it to me by giving it to your local church”. That way you will be honouring me for giving you strength, life, blessings, peace, everything you own. And some people cannot love God enough, are not grateful enough to God to do that. The allegiance of a non-tither is to their money, not God. John, the apostle who laid his head on the chest of Jesus, said this “Little childrne, keep yourselves from idols”. One of the ways to keep yourself from idols is to become a tither! You pay ten percent of your income and increase to God – and you will easily put Him first in your life and emotions and every other area of your life.

Don’t be an idolater today, be a tither!

Published by Tree of Life Church

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