The Glorious Power of the Tithe 04 Non-Tithers are Ungrateful

How are you today? Obviously you can read this right now? Obviously you have eyesight! You have the strength and health to read this? How did you get that health? Where did you get that strength from? How did you get the job you have? How come you are so intelligent, so blessed, have so many opportunities and chances? How come you are still alive?

The answer is God. God is the reason you have health and strength and wisdom. God is the reason you have life! God is the reason you are here today!

Now if you got all these things from God, and all your life and income is from God, how is it that you could ever live a life where you do not come to the Lord in worship and honour Him with the tithe and first fruits of your substance?

God has been nothing but good to you! He has blessed you and provided for you – and tithing is an act of worship, of thanksgiving, of remembering His goodness.

Failing to tithe is the same as never saying thank you.

Failing to tithe is the same as not worshipping God!

Failing to tithe is forgetting where your strenght comes from!

Failing to tithe is being ungrateful.

If you are not tithing, you are an ungrateful person.

Now remember in the Old Testament, Psalms were the worship songs of the church. Imagine coming to church one Sunday and we sing this:

They [have] hatred for my love.
They say, “Get an evil person to turn against him.
    Send an accuser to bring him to trial.
When his case comes up for judgment,
    let him be pronounced guilty.
    Count his prayers as sins.
Let his years be few;
    let someone else take his position.
May his children become fatherless,
    and his wife a widow. (Psalm 105.5-9 NLT)

While you are hating God’s love you are singing about losing every court case, dying young, losing your position, and all your prayers being counted as sins.

Now I know we are in the New Covenant, and under grace, but the principle is still identical – not-tithing is not being grateful. Let’s remember all of God’s mercy and goodness to us, and let’s honour His goodness and repay Him with goodness!

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