The Glorious Power of the Tithe 03: Falling Grapes

Malachi 3 tells us something interesting about when we tithe. It says that your vine shall not “cast her fruit before the time” (KJV), which the NLT explains as follows: “Your grapes will not fall from the vine before they are ripe”.

One of the great things about tithing is that your grapes get to ripen. One of the worst things about not being a tither is that your grapes often fall and die before they ripen.

What do I mean with that? I mean this – one of the biggest problems in your life as a non-tither will be what I call the “failed harvest”. It means you do not reap the correct harvest in life according to the effort you put in.

Now for a literal farmer, it could easily be a literal harvest. He is growing grapes, or some other fruit or grain, and he could fail to get a harvest from his land. For those of you in other jobs, it could be that you are working very hard but not getting rich. I know far too many people who are working to exhaustion, sometimes ten or twelve hour days, but they are not earning much at all. I know other people earning six figures who only work a few hours a day.

Hard work is definitley one of the pieces of the puzzle of prosperity and abundance, but it is not the same everywhere. A doctor in America earns on average nearly $300,000 a year. the same doctor working in New Zealand earns $105,000 a year. Doing the same job! But if you are a doctor in Cuba, you will earn about $800 a year. Same job!

The doctor in US is earning nearly 400 times as much as the Cuban doctor – you think he trained 400 times harder, you think he works 400 times harder? They both sowed the same grapes and one has had them come to full harvest, the other they had a failed harvest, their grapes fell to the ground. A failed harvest!

Now in that case, those failed harvests are due to nations and they are beyond the power of the people in the country, but many of us in the same situations, doing the same job, in the same nation, even the same nation – one is earning much more than the other.

But I know this – when you tithe, God Himself promises that you will not suffer a failed harvest. Your grapes will not fall!

Now you can see why tithing is so important, it is a major key to abundance, a major step into prosperity. You keep that ten percent away from God, you will get poorer, not richer!

I want all of you to become tithers so your grapes do not fall to the ground, I want you to enjoy your grapes!

Published by Tree of Life Church

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3 thoughts on “The Glorious Power of the Tithe 03: Falling Grapes

  1. My grapes will be not fail,amen pastor Ben!
    Thanks for your thoughts about the tithe.
    For me is pleasure to listening more and more.
    I will be onest as always with you.
    Long time ago in Bulgaria I didn’t gave the tithe, but when we married with my wife Mariya I saw her heart how open is for giving. Even with her small salary in Bulgaria to not say Cuba as theater nurse she received 75 pounds per Mount and she always gave her thite…in the moment of apostolic conference she gave the gift from his mome small gold bracelet , that all she had…..she inspired me for giving. And we as a family always doing this with pleasure and joy. Our dauther doing the same, because she saw from us.
    We saw how you pastor Ben and pastor Amanda care about the church, about another countries, about the missionaries, about the hungry brothers and sisters, Kenya, Burundi, Pakistan, Albania, Bulgaria…..
    Hallelujah…. I encourage everyone to not to be like me when was in Bulgaria.
    Sawn in the God Kingdom and expect a big grapes . How is the scripture: the Blessing of God make me rich and the work will not be with sorrow.. Hallelujah, I know Tree of Life church will grow up with understanding for giving as you teaching us pastor Ben and we will have own church building, will be planted more then 100 churches in UK and Europe,Africa and Asia.
    The Glory of God increase in our life and the Constitution – our Bible will show us more and more from Goodness generous. And how to be more generous like Jesus.
    My grapes will be not fail :))
    Thank you, God bless you!

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