God’s Power – Where Is It?

I heard a guy this week ask his church where the power of God is.  He wanted to know what to do to get God to put His power on us. The answer to his question is simple: there is NOTHING you can do to get the power of God to come on us. Why?  Because the same power that raised Christ from the dead is already inside us.  The fulness of God’s power is INSIDE us already.  The moment we are born again our human spirit becomes righteous and holy and pure and we are alive to God and totally pure. In addition, the  fullness of the power of God is inside us.  It is not outside us – we do not have to go looking for it.  We do not have to go hunting for it.  We do not have to fast, to pray, to work, to repent, to do ANYTHING to get hold of the power of God.  It is already inside us. What we have to do is believe that the power is in us and act according to the truth that the power is in us.  When will the sick in your church get healed – when you tell them that the power to heal the sick is inside you and put your hands on them.  You shut the valve or open the valve for the power of God to come out.

Unfortunately many Christians are like the  preacher I heard this week – looking for something that is already inside them.  Most Christians are like the old man looking for his glasses when he is already wearing them – his ignorance of what he already has stops him from enjoying what he already has.

If we think the power of God is outside us we will waste our life, our prayers, our church services hunting for the power.  More love, more power, more of You in my life is possibly the most unChristian set of lyrics ever produced.  It is total doubt and unbelief.

The fact is all the  power of God is inside you. Stop wasting your life looking for it and start enjoying it.  Lay hands on the sick and watch them recover, put some money in the offering and watch it come back to you many times over, show someone the love of God and watch their life change.  Enjoy the adventure of knowing you are redeemed and able to do all things in HIM!

Wisdom for the Last Days (Creflo Dollar)

Wisdom for the Last Days

Creflo Dollar

Believers have an edge over the world that enables us to be successful, prosperous and productive, even in the midst of economic crisis. There is no question the world system, with its institutions and ways of doing things, is failing. Financial bailouts and rescue plans cannot change this fact. However, the Word of God is your guarantee of security in the midst of hard times. Now, more than ever, is the time to plug into the promises of God and remain focused on Him.

The Kingdom of God is a higher system that supersedes the world’s system. It is a system that has an abundance of resources, wisdom, and assistance available for you. While the world is talking about recession and existing on fear, you can tap into the infinite and unlimited resources of Heaven to get your needs met at any time, no matter what is going on around you.

One of the things God has made available to Christians is His wisdom. Wisdom is knowing what to do when you do not have the answers through your own natural ability. Wisdom is based on revelation knowledge that comes from God.

As it pertains to financial security, a key to making sure your needs are met on a consistent basis is to tap into the wisdom of God where your money is concerned. Practical advice is just as important as the spiritual side of things. Since so many people struggle in the area of finances, it makes sense to pay attention to some basic tips to maximize your finances in the midst of economic instability.

1.Be a giver.

When you give from a pure heart, trusting God to meet your needs, you are guaranteed a harvest. Seedtime and harvest is a spiritual law that will work for anyone who will get involved. Being a giver is the way to prosper in the Kingdom of God. Instead of being one who hoards your finances out of fear, be willing to keep an open hand. This way, God can bless you in the same way you bless others.

2.Be frugal in your spending.

I am not saying you should not buy anything you like or desire, but allow God to direct your spending habits instead of buying things on impulse. Consider those things you absolutely need right now versus the things you can do without. Allow God to bless you with the desires of your heart at the right time. Do not spend money you do not have or live beyond your means. This is a principle of good stewardship which qualifies you for your next level.

3. Stay out of debt.

Debt is part of the world’s system, particularly when you find yourself using credit cards to pay your bills, buy items you cannot afford, or acquire things on credit to keep up appearances. A good rule of thumb is, if you cannot pay your credit card bill off every month, you should not buy things on credit. Only use the plastic if absolutely necessary, and if you know you have the cash to pay the bill. Do not take on any debt right now if you can avoid it and work diligently to pay off existing debt.

These three simple keys can help you tremendously during the difficult times in which we live. By adding the spiritual with the practical, you will access the supernatural power of God to transform your finances!

Scripture References

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Wisdom Distilled (I)

Some Christians will use the cliche “Seek the Giver, not the gifts” but this is not Biblical at all.  The Bible says “eager desire the gifts”.  There is no Biblical warrant for being neutral to the gifts of the Holy Spirit – you must ask God, you must want to flow with the Holy Spirit in the gifts and power ministries that He has.