Wisdom Distilled (I)

Some Christians will use the cliche “Seek the Giver, not the gifts” but this is not Biblical at all.  The Bible says “eager desire the gifts”.  There is no Biblical warrant for being neutral to the gifts of the Holy Spirit – you must ask God, you must want to flow with the Holy Spirit in the gifts and power ministries that He has.

The Three Real Gifts of Christmas

Our family today decided to visit a church we had never been to before.  There was a poster advertising their services in the local Christian bookshop and it seemed quite interesting.

It was a beautiful carol service, mainly Africans with a couple of Asians as well.  But it was something said during the preaching that has made me think.

The pastor said that the gifts that the Magi offered Christ of gold, frankincense and myrrh were not the real gifts they offered Christ.  He said that if we think that this is the true offering that Christ wants then we will be discouraged because we don’t own gold, we don’t have any frankincense and we would not have a clue how to source any myrrh.

He said the three real gifts that the Magi offered to Christ were time, worship and faith.  They took the time to change their schedule and their plans to go and meet with Christ.  They worshipped him.  They put their trust and their hope in Him.

And that is something each of us can do.  We can all change our schedules and re-prioritise our life so that we can meet with Christ.  We can all worship Christ, and we can all take Him at His Word this Christmas.

Although as a family we tried to sneak in to the back of the church and just enjoy the service, at the end the pastor said that the Lord had showed him that I was an anointed, kingdom man and that I should share a couple of words about Christmas.  I did share about the joy of knowing Christ and the reason for the season, but to be honest the real message about the real gifts of Christmas will have me thinking about my schedule, my worship and my faith over the festive season.