The Great Commission On Sunday 13th December, we had the the pleasure of having Apostle Steve Busulwa from Uganda come and preach to us.  Apostle Steve has planted churches across Uganda and is a man of faith in his God. He brought us a delightfully simple yet remarkably powerful message on not forgetting the Great Commission.  ThisContinue reading “The Great Commission”

Who Is Qualified to Lay Hands on the Sick? (Kenneth E Hagin)

Who Is Qualified To Lay Hands on the Sick By Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin …They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. Mark 16:18 We’ve looked at this scripture before in explaining that not all healings are instantaneous. Now let’s look at the previous verse, Mark 16:17. “And these signs shall followContinue reading “Who Is Qualified to Lay Hands on the Sick? (Kenneth E Hagin)”