Romans 1.25

Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

Here we find the process of degradation of any nation, any community, any person who rejects God spiral even more out of control.

Let’s look at what has happened so far:

An individual or a community or a nation has rejected God by failing to give Him the weight He deserves, failing to be grateful to Him, failing to keep their imaginations under control and failing to keep in the Word. (v. 21)

This individual or community starts to call himself or itself intelligent, wise and rational. It starts to see pride as an asset, not a sin. At this exact moment, they become foolish and start making bad decisions (v. 22).

This individual or community turns to false idols, drawing strength from and giving worship and time and energy to false gods. (v. 23).

This individual or community then turns to unclean practises – helping people with mixed motives, sexual immorality and the degrading of their bodies in sexual acts outside of marriage. (v. 24)

You might recognise yourself in this list! You might realize that you are starting the spiral. It all starts with being unthankful – and it never happens overnight.

When you read of a “successful” man of God falling into some horrific sexual sin or being caught in some financial compromise, you often think: well, if it could just happen to them, it could just happen to anyone. Let me tell you something: it did not just happen to them. It cannot just happen to anyone.

You cannot have a harvest without a seed being sown. This is a spiritual and physical law that is part of the nature of God and is woven into the spiritual realm and the physical realm. A serious action of sin does not happen instantly. You cannot jump from Romans 1.21 to Romans 1.25 without going through the steps in between.

You have to be failing to thank God, failing to keep your imagination under control, be turning to idolatry and then finally – after a long process – do you end up with something publically known. We only see the public exposure and the public fall of a minister, but we do not see that for a long time that individual was not grateful to God and was not keeping their imagination under check and was not feeding from the Word.

In this process, it starts to become obvious that someone is rejecting God. You can keep your lack of control of imagination secret. You can keep your lack of gratitude to God secret. You can even keep your sexual immorality secret – for a season. But you cannot keep your exchange of truth for a lie a secret – because you aren’t even aware of the problem to hide it. You will make statements in front of people and then be surprised that they as Christians are shocked at what you say. You don’t even know the lie is a lie! With great sin comes great deception, which brings great errors in theology, in practise and in what you think and believe.

At this point, you are so unclean and have so rejected God and His standards and goodness, you actually cannot grasp the truth. You end up believing lies. There is an old cliche that says if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

If you do not stand up for God, stand up against circumstances by giving God the glory due His name, stand up against your flesh when it wants to grumble and not thank God, stand up against your imagination when it wants to imagine doom and gloom and lust and filth, stand up against sexual temptation when it comes your way… if you do not stand up for God, you will accept and receive a lie.

The Greek word for lie here is pseudos. Webster’s defines pseudo- as an adjective that means “being apparently rather than actually as stated”. In other words, it is all pretend. For example: pseudonymn is a pretend name, pseudoscience is something pretending to be science and pseudo-intellectual is when someone pretends to be an intellectual.

If you do not stand for God’s truth, you will fall for imitations. You will buy a fake religion, fake ideas and ultimately a fake god. This is not the way forward! What will be worse is that you will not be able to tell the difference between the fake and the real.

If you notice you are on this spiral, get back to thanking and glorifying God now before you end up unable to tell the difference between truth and fake.

Glory and freedom,


Back From New Zealand (Ray Comfort)

Back from New Zealand-Ray Comfort

How can you demonstrate that you love someone? You could buy them an expensive ring. I’m sure that would help, because it’s tangible evidence of a sacrifice. Still, it comes back to belief. If the person you love chooses not to believe that you love them, there’s nothing you can do about it.

I was in New Zealand recently at a university where local Christians had organized a debate between myself and an atheist. Just before it started a tall outspoken man named Ryan enthusiastically approached me and said something like, “I’m honored to meet you. I have watched your videos on the Internet, read your material, and here I am actually getting to meet you. I am really excited about this debate.” As he was walking back to his seat I called out, “Which side are you on?” and he replied, “I’m against everything you stand for.”

During the question-time Ryan asked some good questions. The next day he showed up at another meeting at which I was speaking, then he listened to me again, for another hour or so at a church service. Afterwards, we chatted, I signed a book for him, we had our photo taken, and he even helped on the book table. I really cared about Ryan and was pleased to hear him say at the end of the evening, “Man, why are you so likeable!!!” The fact that he could feel my love and concern for him was more powerful than any argument I could give him for the existence of God.

Some of you who are atheists read everything I write as if I write in hatred. Yet I love and care about you. If I could have lunch with you, I would, and I would gladly pay the tab. But if you refuse to believe that, I can’t do anything about it.

You accuse me of making money from the sale of my books, but did you know that I have preached open air more than 5,000 times and never been paid? I do that because I love people and care where they spend eternity. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t bother with preaching, blogging, producing a TV program, or writing Christian books. I had a very successful business before I became a Christian and could have made a good living, but I chose to spend my life pleading with people like you to consider where you will spend eternity.

So think about my motive, and then please think of God’s motive for the cross: “But God shows and clearly proves His [own] love for us by the fact that while we were still sinners, Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One) died for us” (Romans 5:8, Amplified Bible). That’s the ultimate sacrifice. It’s up to you to believe it.

One wage packet you don’t want to collect

“Hey I just saw your new billboard on the 105 near my house. Thanks for clarifying for me that it is illogical to believe that things don’t just come from nothing ‘magically.’ Seriously, how can milk and honey just exist? Their mere existence proves that God exists since everything has a creator. I have one concern though, based on your logic. Who created God? Did He just magically appear? According to what your arguing, it’s silly to believe that. I mean, everything has a creator right? Things don’t just magically appear out of thin air. So who created God? Or is your brand of logic only applicable against what you disagree with? Thank you for solidifying my beliefs.”

Atheists often plead ignorance when it comes to the Initial Cause–as to what came before the Big Bang. Whatever it was that created the material for it to take place, had to be non-material (therefore free from the law of entropy), as well as dwell outside of the dimension of time (time logically demands that everything has a beginning and an end).

The Spirit of God qualifies for both (see Genesis 1:2). He is spirit (without a material body). He created time and is therefore not subject to it (revealed in the perfectly fulfilled Messianic prophecies).

You are right when you say that nothing “magically appears.” God is eternal–without beginning and without end, but He is also perfect in holiness. So whatever you do in this life, make sure you are right with Him because you don’t want to collect your due wages (see Romans 6:23).

Keep it Simple

“You march ahead unchanged, repeating the same falsehoods. I’m not talking about reasonable differences in interpretation, I’m talking about outright misinformation (such as the bizarre idea that male and female have to evolve separately for each species . . . ” Euphimist

It’s difficult not to be repetitive with accusations such as the above. But here goes. There are an estimated 1.4 million species on the earth. Each species has both male and female (not counting worms and a few others). Let’s believe that each species did evolve. Let’s then zero in on the giraffe. After the big bang, there was a pre-giraffe animal. Millions (perhaps billions) of years pass until today, and now we have a male and female giraffe. Evolutionists believe that the two didn’t evolve separately. Such a thought is “bizarre.”

I know that you think I am intellectually slow, so please be patient with me and explain to me in very simple terms where you believe the female giraffe came from, and then explain how and why the other 1.4 million species ended up with both male and female.

I look forward to your comments.