How Did the Turtle Get Its Shell? (from

How Did the Turtle Get Its Shell?   07/10/2009     July 10, 2009 — The cover story of Science this week is about turtle evolution.  The caption on the cover illustration, which compares the skeleton of a turtle, chicken and mouse, reads, “The turtle body plan is unusual in that the ribs are transformed into a carapace,Continue reading “How Did the Turtle Get Its Shell? (from”

Evolutionists – Impossible to Embarass Them (Henry Morris)

“And He spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?” (Luke 6:39). Creationists have often pointed out that evolution is unscientific because it can never be proved by science to be true. It is not happening at present and without a time machine, theyContinue reading “Evolutionists – Impossible to Embarass Them (Henry Morris)”

An Oxymoron (Ray Comfort)

“Dear Ray, Why is it so difficult for you to accept the fact of evolution when it has been universally accepted by the scientific community, and 99.99% of people who dedicate their lives to studying it? Why do you refuse to acknowledge that there are many very very serious bible believing Christians who claim toContinue reading “An Oxymoron (Ray Comfort)”

Back From New Zealand (Ray Comfort)

Back from New Zealand-Ray Comfort How can you demonstrate that you love someone? You could buy them an expensive ring. I’m sure that would help, because it’s tangible evidence of a sacrifice. Still, it comes back to belief. If the person you love chooses not to believe that you love them, there’s nothing you canContinue reading “Back From New Zealand (Ray Comfort)”