Kenneth Hagin’s Forgotten Warning (J. Lee Grady)

Kenneth Hagin is a phenomenal Bible teacher.  His ministry was Scriptural, faith-filled and balanced.  Although he knew that Jesus was not poor and that we are redeemed from poverty, Kenneth Hagin did not agree with some practices making the rounds today.  This article by J. Lee Grady explains exactly what: Before he died in 2003,Continue reading “Kenneth Hagin’s Forgotten Warning (J. Lee Grady)”

The Reason For Your Unhappiness is Your Selfishness

I think that is one of the most radical, yet true, statements I have ever heard. I am still processing it in my life and will do for some considerable time. Andrew Wommack has just taught on his TV show on Self-Centredness being the root cause of all grief. It has been some very powerful,Continue reading “The Reason For Your Unhappiness is Your Selfishness”