Kenneth Hagin’s Forgotten Warning (J. Lee Grady)

Kenneth Hagin is a phenomenal Bible teacher.  His ministry was Scriptural, faith-filled and balanced.  Although he knew that Jesus was not poor and that we are redeemed from poverty, Kenneth Hagin did not agree with some practices making the rounds today.  This article by J. Lee Grady explains exactly what: Before he died in 2003,Continue reading “Kenneth Hagin’s Forgotten Warning (J. Lee Grady)”

Run Through Romans (1.18-1.32)

I have included the text of Romans 1.18-32 below.  The Bible text is in red, and my comments are interspersed with the text.  At the end of the Bible text, I will talk about the problem with unrighteousness. 18For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, whoContinue reading “Run Through Romans (1.18-1.32)”

Run Through Romans (1:1-17)

The text of Romans 1 can be found here. Please read it in its entirety before reading through my run through. If you want to read in a paraphrase so you can get a feel for the whole chapter, use this link. Romans 1 has a very simple theme: the nations are not righteous. ForContinue reading “Run Through Romans (1:1-17)”

Run Through Romans (Intro)

I want to work my way through some books of the Bible, just giving a brief overview of each chapter and any highlights. The church is suffering from a lack of knowledge from the Bible. We know a Scripture here and a Scripture there, but we need to be able to know the context ofContinue reading “Run Through Romans (Intro)”

Anger Management (Andrew Wommack)

Have you ever been mad at God? Certainly, everyone has had anger rise up against a person. And there are a lot of people who are angry with themselves. Anger is a problem all of us have to deal with. Many people come from backgrounds where strife was just normal. Our culture is so fullContinue reading “Anger Management (Andrew Wommack)”

Righteousness – Your Questions

I believe that the most important teaching in the church today is Righteousness. I want to spend some time looking at several Scriptures, especially in the book of Romans. Tomorrow I will write an introductory post explaining what righteousness means. But before I do, I want anyone who has any questions on righteousness to haveContinue reading “Righteousness – Your Questions”

The Sower Sows the Word (VII)

Today, we are wrapping up our study on the things that stop us from producing the results promised in the Word happening in our lives. We have looked at the danger of not fighting for the Word, for only listening to the Word on an emotional level, of allowing money and wealth to dictate toContinue reading “The Sower Sows the Word (VII)”

The Sower Sows the Word (VI)

Yesterday we looked at the deceitfulness of riches. Before moving to discuss “the lusts for other things” tomorrow, I just want to make 3 simple points about the deceitfulness of riches: 1. You listen to those things you spend the most time with. If you listen to money more than you listen to God, youContinue reading “The Sower Sows the Word (VI)”

4 Powerful Sermons This link will lead you to 4 wonderful, powerful sermons by Hilton Sutton. The first is a real challenge to the selfishness and worldliness that has moved into the church, especially the charismatic church. Blessings, Ben