Important Church Update (Sunday 7th June)

Our next service is 3-5pm on Sunday 14th June.

Our monthly theme for our preaching and teaching for June is “Hope” and Benjamin is continuing his series by giving us 7 ways we can build up our hope so we have a strong hope and are eagerly excited for the future God has for us.  The message on the 7th June was a powerful message about how we need the three pigments of a right view of God, a right view of man and a right view of our destiny so the Lord can paint a great picture of our future in our mind.  During the week, Ben is going to summarize the message and put it on the blog.

We do not put our address on the web for security reasons, but if you contact us we will be more than happy to give you directions and answer any questions you have.  We will be worshipping the Lord and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to us as we do in any cell meeting.

We will be resuming meetings in the Fulwell Cross Library in August of this year, and in the summer are having a “Wonderful News” Gospel Crusade.  Watch this space for further details, or if you cannot wait, please feel free to email us:

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