The Naked devil

Angels and Demons – Tree of Life Church London One of the greatest dangers for the charismatic church at the end of the age is an obsession with the devil – that the church magnifies the devil and minimizes God and His greatness. In this powerful and Biblical message, Benjamin shares what the devil reallyContinue reading “The Naked devil”

Important Church Update (Sunday 7th June)

Our next service is 3-5pm on Sunday 14th June. Our monthly theme for our preaching and teaching for June is “Hope” and Benjamin is continuing his series by giving us 7 ways we can build up our hope so we have a strong hope and are eagerly excited for the future God has for us. Continue reading “Important Church Update (Sunday 7th June)”

Three Waves – The Second Wave, a Wave of Financial Integrity

As the people cast out demons, healed the sick and had the most phenomenally accurate words of knowledge and words of wisdom, two things happened Firstly, there was a backlash of persecution from cessationist Christians.  Not from the world, not really – much more from Christians who denied the Scriptures and the power of God. Continue reading “Three Waves – The Second Wave, a Wave of Financial Integrity”